The Inspiration of a Succulent Pot


A small pot of green plants can give our life to bring fresh breath, on the desk, the window can always see these small plants figure, not only to purify the air, looks good to hear or see. In recent years, as the army of Succulents plants thriving, with plump adorable appearance, strong vitality and gain a lot of people’s favourite. At the same time, specifically for the design of the pots succulents started hot market. A good pot can not only add to succulents, which itself is a kind of handicraft, add fun to life and work environment.

Why so hot pot of succulent pots?

First of all, the new idea can bring greater attraction to the basin. For example, the automatic water absorption flowerpot, the unique peacock flowerpot.

Secondly, the addition of characteristic cultural elements is also a major reason. For example, exquisite and delicate ice crackle porcelain with traditional craft characteristics is the market's favorite. In addition, fleshy flowerpot with Japanese style and Korean romantic, wind is also very popular.

Thirdly, succulent pots prices tend to civilian.

The hot economy of succulent pot attracted a wave of foreign designers to join them, they designed zoomorphism succulent pots and thumb-sized pots.

The hot of succulent pots may be able to provide some ideas: we can explore their own cultural resources, integrate into the creative design. Only by truly meeting the needs of people's lives, can more people understand the beauty of handicrafts.


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